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“Eros Dust” Lip Scrub

“Eros Dust” Lip Scrub

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🌸You have acquired rare Eros Dust! Utilize this glowing Rich Red powder to enchant anything you desire, making it absolutely yours.



🌷Vanilla Flavored




🌷Heals Lips

🌷Softens and Smoothens

🌷Evens Discoloration

🌷Vegan/Cruelty Free



•Only exfoliate 3-2 times a week (note: over exfoliating will cause more harm than good for your lips!)

•Use Pea size amount

•Rub all over the lips softly

•Rinse/lick away



•Capacity: 10 ml/g

•Plastic container/Plastic Cap


Ingredients: Beetroot/Cane Sugar, Vegetable Glycerin, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Flavoring Oil, Grapeseed Oil, BHT, Mica Powder

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Amanda A Veach-Cook
Honestly, disappointed.

Two issues with this. First, the sugar used is way too chunky for a scrub. Need to use finer granules for this product to be effective. Second, stains the skin. Had to use a makeup wipe to get the color off my hands and face.


It's very pigmented


Works perfectly! Looks and smells amazing! Tastes like sweet chemicals. I recommend washing it of after use. Do not lick off. Otherwise it’s pretty awesome!

Nora Teelin
Way too pigmented

Usually pigmented is a good thing but for something that you apply with your fingers and rug around your libs (usually getting some on you face around your mouth) it’s not a a good thing. It stains my fingers and the conners of my mouth. It also doesn’t stay together at all. Its very crumbly if that makes sense. It’s cute and smells good but it’s not a good product

Laura Aguilar

I'm so glad I got this scrub before it sold out! It has a nice soft stain that I pair with the rose quartz crystal lip oil and it is awesome! makes my lips look so healthy and pretty.