Who is Sushy?

Hey! My name is Susana Guillen, I am 23-years-old, and a mother to two little ones! I am quite shy at first, but an open book once you get to know me. TAKIS ARE MY LIFE!

I started my own cosmetic brand because I always wanted to be my own boss. I have two main reasons why I decided to chase my dream: my little ones, and wanting to express my creative mind. 

Ever since I was young, I was never confident in myself in anything except with one thing, my love for fantasy! It all started when I first played my childhood favorite video game, The Legend Of Zelda.

That masterpiece of a game helped me unleash a very creative mind over the years of growing up. During the course of that time, I also began to fall in love makeup. It took me 6 years to master makeup, with a lot of trial and error.​

Because I was never interested in going to college and always dreamed of someday having a business of my own, I asked myself: why not mix the two things I love the most in the world and create a brand off of it?​ 

That was the moment SushyGlowCosmetics was born. I will never forget this about myself, even though I lacked confidence, It still didn't stop me from starting something I dreamt about for a very long time.